Where I am not/The Familiar is not necessarily known

By the window on the bus, where nothing of note ever seems to happen, we are both travellers and dreamers. We pass by the familiar streets, houses, walls, shops, offices. We watch the city while it watches us, and see each other without seeing. We build it up out of our routes, while space and time configure and create themselves without our intention, and make themselves visible in ways we do not expect.
Yet these places, which we experience with detachment, impatient to get somewhere, are the places where we find ourselves at our most off-guard and vulnerable. Behind the glass, we acquire the delusion of a certain privacy, drifting in and out of our own private journeys; oblivious to the outside world.
These two series of photographs, looking through the window of a bus, one from inside, the other from the outside, facing each other in different times and spaces, try to capture the state of anonymity while crossing and making sense of the city.

Portraits: 35 mm slide projection, available as prints
Landscapes: pinhole camera, inkjet prints on archival paper

Installation at hArts Lane Studios, 8-22 January 2014

bustoprint18cm 1 copy

bustoprint18cm 2 copy

bustoprint18cm 3 copy

bustoprint18cm 4 copy

bustoprint18cm 5 copy

bustoprint18cm 6 copy

bustoprint18cm 9

bustoprint18cm 10

bustoprint18cm 7 copy

bustoprint18cm 8 copy