Light Chronicles

This project, completed during our residency at The Old Lookout, explored the qualities of the light inside the gallery. The Lookout is a space made for a view on the outside, whose purpose is to provide a window on the sea and its surroundings. We were interested in reversing the function of the window and discovering how the sea shapes our perception of the interior and allows daylight itself to become visible.

For the five days of the residency, we observed and photographed the light inside the space. We looked in instead of looking out and chronicled the changing of the light on the interior surfaces.

For the exhibition, the windows were covered with a thin translucent paper to fill the space with pure diffuse daylight. Instead of using the space as a lookout, visitors could experience daylight and visibility without any particular visible things, other than the imprints of light on the wall.

The Old Lookout itself became a space for a series of encounters with the dissolution and emergence of the visible.

Inkjet prints on archival paper, polaroids, paper

Obsolete Studios at The Old Lookout Gallery residency 28 July-1 August and exhibition 2-3 August 2014

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