Excavation Department

Excavation department is an accidental archaeology of the surface, driven by desire for an unintentional contact with the object. By not looking we allow the city to unfold and tell us about its unforeseen details.

Each of the objects found by chance is a quote from the street, its architecture, its human inhabitants and their debris. They are assembled and read by its collectors, and left to exist quietly in the archive. We photograph them, measure and make notes about their structure; we study details in order to understand the inevitability of forgetting.

Excavation Department is an ongoing project. It is a collection of objects of little or no value, found (without looking) in the streets of cities. Each object encapsulates a chance encounter; without meaning or context, it is simply a break in the familiarity of the everyday. The method of unintentional discovery, developed as a practice of coming across, happening on and stumbling upon, has no goal other than an accumulation of the unused.